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Use Cases

Here we list some of the use-cases for which you can use Unveiler. This list is merely here to give you some suggested use-cases and by no means exhaustive.


Contact support if you have questions about your specific use-case, we're always happy to think along.


Unveiler offers developers an easy method to verify the location provided by a user, which combats fraud through spoofing. Raw GNSS measurements are send to the Unveiler API which checks whether the user really is at the location they claim, or think, to be.


Previously location based authorization required some form of physical verification, e.g. connecting to a certain WiFi network. Our location verification technology allows developers to trust the location claimed by users for any outdoor location and many indoor locations. This unprecedented improvement gives rise to a whole new range of applications where users should only be granted access to certain data or content when they are in a certain area.


Unveiler lets your users create cryptographically secured "claims" about their location. Claims allows users to prove something about their location without exposing their exact location. A claim could be that the user is within a certain area, e.g. a certain garden, city, or continent. Only Unveiler would have had access to the exact location of the user while granting the claim.